The Team

Mario Kemper, developer and project founder (retired in 2014)

I work as a consultant with focus on software quality assurance. You might want to have a look at my interview at to read more about the reasons and goals of the project.

I am addicted to free software and community driven projects. In addition to modest abilities in C/C++, PHP, Java and some experiences with .NET languages I am mostly interested in Perl (Shutter is written in Perl as well) nowadays.

Alexey Sokolov, Gentoo packaging, developer (2020)

I studied in Novosibirsk, then moved to Ireland to work as SRE/SWE. I didn’t want Shutter to be removed from Gentoo due to the old dependencies going away, so had to update the code.

Vadim Peretokin, promotion, web presence and interface design

I’m an IT healthcare student in YorkU, Toronto. I’m interested in promoting quality open-source software and my work in Shutter includes expanding its popularity and interface design. Programming languages of interest are C and Vala.

Mike Heffner, Fedora packaging, web presence

Michael Kogan, Arch Linux packaging, web presence, maintanance between 2017 and 2019

I studied theoretical physics in LMU Munich, will start my job as maths/physics teacher soon and am interested in eLearning technology. I got involved with Shutter from its early days as GScrot in 2008 by submitting the initial Russian translation and testing. In 2017 Shutter has been removed from the Arch Linux repositories to the AUR (Arch User Repository) and I took over the maintenance of its AUR package. At the same time I asked Mario for access to the Launchpad repository and applied patches which were submitted by other Launchpad users fixing minor bugs. However, my coding skills are very limited (mostly JS and PHP) and I never wrote a single code line for Shutter myself.

Please use the contact form if you want to get in touch with us.

Latest Posts

Shutter 0.99.5 - more bug fixes

After another long period of time with no new releases, the Shutter team is happy to announce a new, mostly bug fix, release 0.99.5.

Shutter 0.99.4 - fix crash for new installs

Two further bugs have been fixed after the recent 0.99.3 release:

Shutter 0.99.3 - some more bug fixes for 2023

After a long time there is another bugfix release: