Selection Tool

Shutter provides a tool to capture a rectangular region of your screen. The selection can be resized and moved. Also, there is a dialog that allows you to enter the width, height, X and Y position of the selection manually. The screen can be zoomed (with Ctrl+Mouse wheel), a small zoom window sitting in the screen corner shows the surroundings of the mouse cursor.

Zoom window
Position and dimensions dialog

Window Selection

You’ll see a nice animated effect when hovering over the windows on your desktop with your mouse displaying the window title and geometry of the currently selected window.

Capture menus and tooltips

When capturing a menu or a tooltip, there is a sufficiently long delay to make the menu or tooltip visible on the screen.


Latest Posts

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New Shutter update, 0.96, is here! It drops dependency on Gtk2, and starts depending on Gtk3 instead.

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New Shutter update, 0.95, is here! It brings the following:

New website

We have a new website (you’re looking at it now!). The old layout was initially generated via Wordpress, but then lost and restored from The result was unmaintainable bunch of complicated static HTML pages, which resembles dynamic content. Current version uses Jekyll.