Shutter 0.99.5 - more bug fixes

Published: Mar 31, 2024 by Michael Kogan

After another long period of time with no new releases, the Shutter team is happy to announce a new, mostly bug fix, release 0.99.5.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed loading and saving profiles
  • Fixed the editor being unavailable under some circumstances
  • Fixed crash when selection has zero width or height
  • Check to prevent user setting a filename pattern without wildcards, which lead to crashes
  • Fixed crash on Wayland under some circumstances
  • Fixed crash when the autostart .desktop file is not writable
  • Fixed handling images pasted from clipboard: they are now handled the same as screenshots made by Shutter itself, rather than being put into /tmp
  • Fixed error when using the -s option with a zero coordinate for the selection origin

New features:

  • Added WebP support
  • In Selection mode added an option to take screenshot on releasing the mouse button without confirmation

New optional dependency for WebP support: webp-pixbuf-loader