Third Party Packages

Shutter depends on several outdated libraries and therefore has been removed from some distribuitions’ official repositories. Currently a GTK3 port is underway such that Shutter can be packaged for repositories again. In the mean time here is how you get the latest Shutter version for some distributions:

Arch Linux

A package for Arch Linux is available.


There are official Debian packages available in the oldstable and oldoldstable distrubution (Stretch and Jessie).

You can install Shutter by using the package manager or the following command:

apt-get install shutter


Shutter is available in Fedora’s official repository, so just install it with:

yum install shutter

Also, the most recent Shutter version can be installed using this copr repository.


Shutter is included in Gentoo Portage, so just install it with:

emerge shutter

Linux Mint

A description and reviews can be found here. A PPA by linuxuprising is available.


A package for Mageia is available.


A package for Manjaro is available.


A package for openSUSE is available.


A package for PCLinuxOS are available.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and Derivatives like CentOS, Scientific Linux etc.)

One of our users (Nux) provides a small repository for RHEL 7. The repository is designed to coexist with Fedora’s EPEL repository. In order to add those repos to your system and install Shutter you can use the following commands:

rpm -Uvh

rpm -Uvh

yum install shutter

For RHEL 7 and 8 Shutter can be installed using snap following these instructions.


A package for Slackware is available.


A PPA by linuxuprising is available.

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