Third Party Packages

Shutter was relying on several outdated libraries for several years and therefore has been removed from most distribuitions’ official repositories. By now it has been ported to GTK3 and can be packaged for repositories again but hasn’t been picked up by many distributions yet. The following list shows how you can get Shutter for some distributions. Please report packages, which are not listed below, or errors on Github or via our contact form.

Arch Linux

A package for Arch Linux is available, install it with

pacman -S shutter


Debian packages are available. You can install Shutter by using the package manager or the following command:

apt-get install shutter


Packages for Fedora are available, install Shutter with:

dnf install shutter


Shutter is included in Gentoo Portage, install it with:

emerge shutter

Linux Mint

There are packages for Linux Mint, install Shutter with

apt-get install shutter


A package for Manjaro is available. Install Shutter with

pacman -S shutter


There is an up to date community package for openSUSE Leap as well as outdated packages for some other openSUSE versions.


A package for PCLinuxOS 2018 is available though it is currently outdated.


A package for Slackware is available though it is currently outdated.


There are packages for Ubuntu, install Shutter with

apt-get install shutter

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