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Version 0.90:


Version 0.88 and 0.89:


Version 0.87.x:


  1. Fantastic program….would be very nice to have a lasso selection tool too….

    • Thanks for your idea but I don’t see this happen very soon. There are too many requests that come first currently.

  2. This is an AWESOME programme. I just wish we could use the Editor as a stand alone programme as well.

  3. Romario

    What especially do you miss? Shutter can be used with hotkeys and it can print. Direct printing?

  4. DaveK

    It would be nice if it would work like the Windows Printkey2000. It uses the “Print Screen” key by default, and one can print directly to a printer, as well as save it as a picture.

  5. delcour

    Thank you! Nice work. Fits nearly perfect to my wishes, except one: After using my configured hotkey (Pause) shutter makes the capture and saves it to disk and then does one thing that I don’t like: a window of shutter pops up. I would like to get an option for shutter that it will work completeley without any popping up windows or messages, Shutter should just react on hotkey in saving the capture and doing nothung more,

  6. Dancsnrain

    This is SWEET! Mighty fine job.
    I’m a newbie with all Linux,running linuxmint8 currently. This dropped right in just like you said it would. Theres no stopping me now.

  7. Romario

    Sure, this is already the default setup. You can configure any possible directory in the preferences dialog, see:

  8. milouse

    really nice tool & usefull, I love it.

    just a question, is it possible to save all captures in a same folder ?


  9. Bruce Van Buren

    Great!! Nice job. Doesn’t look like there is an option to capture web pages from a script. I would LOVE that.

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