Upload to Flickr

Quick way

To get Shutter to upload to Flickr, you can install a program called Postr by Ross Burton – and then just use ScreenshotOpen with to upload!


  1. Install postr
  2. Use ScreenshotOpen with and select Flickr Uploader


    Select Flickr Uploader from the dropdown list.

  3. That’s it!

    As you can see all three screenshots were exported to Postr. You can now just use Postr to upload.


  1. Wandering Browser

    If you want to upload to something other than Flickr, check out IFTTT and use Flickr as the intermediate step. That is, enable the Flickr channel and the channel where you want your photo (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and create a new recipe using the “new public photo tagged” Flickr trigger. Tag your new screenshots onto Flickr consistently, of course, to match the IFTTT recipe… perhaps: #sharescreen (or something).

  2. Very awesome post und Comments. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. how can I upload images to instagram

  4. How can I upload images to twitter?

  5. Tapas thank you for this post. With your link I got with ubuntu.

    • Thanks for letting us know but you don’t longer need our custom packages. Simply install postr with Ubuntu Software Centre. I’ve removed the links accordingly.

  6. Chester

    For uploading pics directly from your desktop to flickr, I can recommend you click.to http://www.clicktoapp.com
    Just press STRG C and one click and you picture is in flickr. It’s a freeware product.

  7. Braiam

    The maintainer has changed. Now the proyect page is: http://projects.gnome.org/postr/

  8. Romario

    @Doug Whitfield
    You need to check postr’s .desktop file. Usually its path is: /usr/share/applications/postr.desktop
    There are several key/value pairs in the file. You need to check if there is a ‘MimeType’ key and the related values. In the latest version of ubuntu the values look like this:


    As you can see ‘image/png’ is listed here. If there is no such value you need to add it (and execute ‘update-desktop-database’ via terminal with root privileges afterwards).

    Shutter uses a gnome library to access those .desktop files and list all applications that are registered to a specific mime-type. There is no way to edit the list manually (usually you should not need it).

    The reason why I asked if you are using ubuntu or not: The postr package in older versions of ubuntu was broken (no ‘MimeType’ key provided in the .desktop file).


  9. @vadim it’s still pretty clear you do not understand what I’m asking. The instructions for what I am asking about are emphatically not on this page. As I mentioned before, the instructions on this page are for sending pictures to postr, if it is on your list. These instructions are quite good for that! Below I have linked to a screenshot to prove postr does NOT show up in the list. You can see that I uploaded the picture using postr, so it is not a problem with postr.


    So, I will repeat my question for clarity. How do I edit the list of programs to which Shutter will send pictures?


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