New bugfix release 0.90.1

Shutter 0.90.1 fixes a few bugs and updates translations.

If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check the downloads page for individual packages. Updates for other distributions will be available soon.


   * Fixed bugs / minor improvements
    -- LP: #1092522
       [Shutter doesn't recognize the command-line option "-d"]
    -- LP: #1191521
       [--delay=0 doesn't work from command-line]
    -- LP: #1216619
       [Drawing Tool: encoding problems when using chinese fonts]
  * updated translations

Enjoy this release!


  1. When i use shutter, shutes lose quality and pixelate it.

  2. Huge memory leak in shutter when you take shuts its increase memory by 12mb …. after some time on system monitor Shutter memory usage is 600mb and more .?!!
    Please fix this important problem.
    Thank you.

    Shutter Ver:0.90.1 rev.1259

    • I can confirm, Shutter just used over 5GB of RAM on my system.


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