Shutter 0.99.1

Published: Oct 17, 2021 by Alexey Sokolov

A small fix-mostly release.

The fix is the compatibility with GLib 2.70. GLib strictened the way how GApplication is initialized, and Shutter apparently was doing it incorrectly before, resulting in inability to run Shutter again to bring up the main window, or to take screenshots from command line. The fix works with older GLib as well.

The new feature is a rudimentary Wayland support. Don’t get too excited about it yet. All it does is it asks the compositor to let user take the screenshot, and user will be presented with some implementation-defined UI to select the window or area, which we cannot control at all. Maybe the limitations will be lifted in future, but no promises. Also there are multiple cases where it doesn’t work, e.g.:

  • The compositor doesn’t even support XDG Desktop Portal API
  • The backend for the XDG Desktop Portal API doesn’t match the compositor running, e.g. Gnome’s portal backend cannot take screenshot on KDE, and instead it silently does nothing

We can’t even meaningfully handle these cases, other than adding a huge timeout to the call, because perhaps the user is just taking time interacting the UI shown by the portal backend.

Finally, dependency on Gtk3::ImageView is bumped to v10: the improved selection tool added in Shutter 0.98 got moved upstream.