Shutter 0.97, with fixes after Gtk3 switch!

Published: Jun 19, 2021 by Alexey Sokolov

0.97 fixes several regressions of 0.96.

Crash fixes:

  • when doing screenshot if “include cursor” is set
  • when using text annotation tools in the editor
  • when launching on Wayland. Note that the screenshot functionality is still not available on Wayland yet
  • when using a DE without a dedicated Pictures/ directory


  • the tray icon wasn’t shown on Gnome, making it impossible to interact with the app after the main window is closed/hidden
    • if both libappindicator is not available and the legacy tray icon doesn’t work (it’s not supported by gnome), closing the window will now terminate the application rather than hiding it to the non-existing tray
  • copy to clipboard didn’t work
  • capturing full screen on multiple screens didn’t work