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Mario KemperMario Kemper, developer and project founder

Mario Kemper

I work as a consultant with focus on software quality assurance. You might want to have a look at my interview at to read more about the reasons and goals of the project:

I am addicted to free software and community driven projects. In addition to modest abilities in C/C++, PHP, Java and some experiences with .NET languages I am mostly interested in Perl (Shutter is written in Perl as well) nowadays.

Vadim Peretokin, promotion, web presence and interface design

I’m an IT healthcare student in YorkU, Toronto. I’m interested in promoting quality open-source software and my work in Shutter includes expanding it’s popularity and interface design. Programming languages of interest are C and Vala.

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  1. This is really one of the best open-source tool which have all the capabilities for screenshot tutorials. I am spreading about this on my blog. Thanks for developing this wonderful tool.

  2. Guys, you’ve done a great job! Keep it up!

  3. Hello

    very nice tool. Congratulation.
    As you know, we get spoiled very fast. I have just installed, and already I want something more :-). Is there a way to take a screenshot of a entire window, even the part I do not see on the screen (I mean, what I see if I scroll up or down).
    thanks so much

  4. ya.sayfull

    Спасибо за программу! Понравилась, давно искал такую утилитку. Буду рекомендовать друзьям.

  5. Hello guys,

    Excellent job on the tool 🙂 Well done. Fills exactly the need I had to take proper snapshot. Who needs Skitch 😉


  6. Sylvain

    This is working like a charm on Fedora16 (sudo yum install shutter).
    Nice job, thank you so much !

  7. Adalbert Hanßen

    It would be nice if there were an option to get the screenshot into the clipboard without further interaction. Also in this mode, files with those images should not be made any longer (i frequently see myself deleting lots of screenshot files. Then I would paste the content of the clipboard immediately to where I ultimately need the picture.

    The program shutter may be terminated immediately after the screenshot is on the clipboard, at least shutter should go to a minimized mode not using any real estate on the screen unless expressively being told to do so.

    I frequently have to do the same key and mouse actions over and over and I want to speed up the standard sequence of events. Of course, this behaviour should be made possible by using the righjt command line options: If this is possible, I would make keys on the gnome panel for shutter on the current window and for shutter with selection (to the clipboard only).

    On Windoze PCs I frequently use Hardcopy for that purpose.

    • There are some options that might be useful here:

      One drawback is that Shutter imports any screenshot into the session. You could also configure Shutter to save the images to /tmp. In this case you don’t have to delete them manually. If you want to use Shutter from the command line, please check the man page (‘man shutter’). One Example (takes a screenshot of the currently active window and exits immediately after the screenshot was taken):
      shutter -a -e

      Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

  8. how to build plugins ?

    • i`m sorry 🙂

      how to write plugins, can you provide any tutorial ?! pls pls 🙂
      i want to build simple timetracker plugin with screenshots

      • Romario

        I’ve not written any tutorial yet, but it is already on the list. For now you can have a look at the existing ones and copy the structure. The architecture is not very powerful yet, so I don’t think it is possible to build a timetracking thing. Plugins are mainly used to apply a special effect or something like this.

  9. Where is the team’s picture?

  10. If you need a good screen-shot tool to prepare slides (and I have to do tons of them for teaching) then shutter is like a miracle! THANK YOU!

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