Shutter 0.93 released

This release improves Shutter’s Dropbox integration and adds support for

Improved Dropbox integration

Kudos go to Marco van Hilst who rewrote (and improved/fixed) the existing plugin. Here is why (bug report):

The current Dropbox plugin used the deprecated Public folder functionality of Dropbox. Dropbox dropped support for the Public folder for free accounts that registered after the drop deadline in favor of individual share link creation.

The current Perl library binding for Dropbox’s RESTful HTTP API, Net::Dropbox::API, is old and therefore does not support the new /share and /media functions that generate proper links to the files. Attempting to upload via Dropbox with the plugin in its current state will successfully upload to the Public folder of one’s Dropbox, but will yield an invalid link that will display a 404 when opened in a browser.


Added support for

Swooshy wrote an upload script for, which is an image hosting service a friend of him made. Thanks!


Want to develop an upload plugin?

All you need is a) some knowledge of Perl b) this template!

How to install?

If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check the downloads page for individual packages. Updates for other distributions will be available soon. Changelog:

  * Fixed bugs / minor improvements
    -- LP: #1163251
       [Dropbox plugin doesn't work since it uses an old version of the API]
    -- LP: #1250536
       [Error Dropbox authentication and upload]
    -- LP: #1298878
       [ support]
    -- LP: #1349512
       [Dropbox plugin uses Public folder and does not create proper share link]

Enjoy this release!


  1. Mitchell

    Would it be possible to change permission from “Access to all folders and files of any type anywhere in your Dropbox” to “Access to its own folder in your Dropbox. The app will be able to access everything within and know the path to that folder, but won’t be able to access anything outside of it” ?

  2. Really simple used in ubuntu. No need other application 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot,I sincerely appreciate it! Works like a charm on my Elementary OS.

  4. Thanks for released Shutter 0.93

  5. Thanks for creating this greats plugin for ubuntu ^^. I love it!

  6. To exchange all kinds of documents.Des images, mp3 games, videos, as well as simple text documents. All this and much more is exchanged easily. In addition to the instalation of Dropbox is easy tes on his computer, a bit like the wianamax software. I have no doubt that many users in the world are very satisfied with this means of data exchange.

  7. On Lubuntu 14.04.1, shutter ppa was used, dropbox plugin is missing.
    Why? It’s ppa’s problem?


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