Like Shutter as a better alternative? Help us out!

AlternativeTo is a useful website covering Windows, Mac, Linux and Online applications for the reasons of, well, finding alternatives!

As Shutter has been touted as an apparent alternative to many Windows solutions (even though that’s not the original intent), it would be great if you people could add your support behind it by “liking” on its webpage. The website supports OpenID login, so registration isn’t a problem!

Shutter on AlternativeTo

Thanks again :)

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  1. Oh I am so happy that Shutter exists – I couldn’t do without that tool. I was using ScreenshotCaptor while on Windows and it was so difficult to find something similar on Linux. As I do a lot of screenshots for documentation or along with user support, an efficient screenshot tool that allows to do annotations and the like is essential for me.

    Thanks so much!

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