Best Screen Capture Tool

Shutter was voted “The Best Screen Capture Tool for Linux” in Lifehacker’s App Directory. Thanks!



  1. Very good Screen Capture tool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ryan Matte

    It may be slow to open or capture screenshots but the editing options make up for it. I often have to take screenshots of confidential info and hide parts of the screen. It’s a breeze to do this with shutter and saves me a lot of time. It’s also great for highlighting or emphasizing certain areas of the screen as well.

  3. This really surprises me. I used Shutter for a few months. It was frustrating how slow it was. It literally took 8-10 seconds to open _every_ single time I pressed “print screen”.

    I was even shunned by the developers about performance.

    This is the first peice of software I have used in 10 years, that performed so poorly, that I unstalled it just because of slow response.

    Just installed deepin-scrot,

    It opens in UNDER ONE SECOND on the exact same hardware. If you can get your software to run properly, I will seriously consider trying it again. But as of right now, I would never recommend shutter.

    The only reason I am taking the time to write this is because I feel I need something to show for the time I wasted waiting for shutter to take a screen shot.

    • Romario

      Agreed. The startup time is a problem in some situations, e.g. when launching Shutter via hotkey. If Shutter already runs it is (obviously) significantly faster when taking a screenshot via hotkey.
      There are some bottlenecks that need to be improved. The major problem is that some tasks are very IO intensive (loading preferences and plugins, loading old screenshots into the session etc.). When you are using an older machine with a slow harddisk this might really be a problem.

      I use Shutter on a day-to-day basis on several machines and I don’t think it is too slow in general. Sure, there are other tools that are much faster but it depends on your own workflow. I launch Shutter only once a day because I need it very often during the day. Btw, I do like deepin’s tool.

      Additionally, I can’t believe that you were deliberately ignored by us. We are all spending much of our free time on the project and try to react as soon as possible.

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