New bugfix release 0.92

Shutter 0.92 fixes a few important bugs and removes plugins of discontinued services (e.g. UbuntuOne).

The following upload plugins were removed:

  • UbuntuOne
  • ImageBanana
  • Ompldr


If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check the downloads page for individual packages. Updates for other distributions will be available soon.


  * Fixed bugs / minor improvements
    -- LP: #731874
       [Launching a second instance causes a crash - ArchLinux]
    -- LP: #1034768
       [Segmentation fault (core dumped) when trying to edit an image]
    -- LP: #1285287
       [Crashes after clicking "edit" while using certain icon themes]
    -- LP: #1334869
       [Shutter: ImageBanana no loger active....]
    -- LP: #1351015
       [Remove Ubuntu One]

Enjoy this release!