Shutter 0.70.2, out for you to enjoy better!

Shutter 0.70.2 is out, fixing seven discovered issues as reported by our users.

This is the second and last release in the 0.70.x release series; the next 0.80 release will be focusing on improving the drawing tool – including an “Undo” feature, double-clicking to update items, a crop tool and instant-apply for property changes (for example, line width, color, and etc. will be updated as soon as you set a new option – this allows real-time “preview”).

If you’ve added the Shutter Ubuntu repository, you’ll be notified about an update automatically – otherwise, see our downloads page for ArchLinux, Fedora, Mandriva, Mepis packages and the source code.

Full changelog:

  * fixed bugs
-- LP: #339139
[Shutter selects incorrect target window]
-- LP: #340855 + LP: #340864
[fixed save-as function]
-- LP: #340856
[main window is partly visible on screenshots]
-- LP: #340990
[Shutter crashes when xserver grab fails]
-- LP: #341459
[Ctrl+ + doesn't zoom in drawing area]
-- LP: #347821
[decode filesize properly]
* updated translations


  1. Wow, you guys sure move fast! Congrats!

  2. Vadim P.


    If you’re subscribed to both the beta and normal releases, then you’ll be told to upgrade when we move a version from beta to normal ppa ­čśë

  3. Oh, another update today, still 0.70.2 though but maybe a different revision. Anyway I like it. Again well done!

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