Shutter 0.70.1 out, adds various fixes

Shutter 0.70.1 is a purely bugfix release that doesn’t add any new features, so it wasn’t even worthy of being called 0.71.

If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check the downloads page for individual packages. Maintainers of other distributions have been notified, so updates for that will be available soon.

Here is the list of issued fixed:

    -- LP: #260771
       [Detect 'window-manager-changed' event]
    -- LP: #328654
       [Weird paths after uploading]
    -- LP: #338829
       [Uploading to imageshack is broken]
    -- LP: #338990
       [Open with dialog freezes shutter and desktop]
    -- LP: #340253
       [Capture Website creates two files]
    -- LP: #340459
       [Use fallback icons if icon does not exist]

As always, if you’ve found some issue, let us know!


  1. @Vadim P.
    Damn!!! I’ll go shout in suse forum.

  2. I have Ubuntu 8.04 and added the PPA from launchpad, and Shutter got automatically updated to 0.70.2 today. The screen shot of a whole web page worked for me this time, and a few less bugs too.

    I recommend adding that PPA from Launchpad, it makes it so easy.
    (BTW: I have the OpenOffice 3 PPA in Launchpad as well and works same, worth adding if you want OpenOffice 3) I wish other programs are this easy to update.

    Well done on excellent work! Very useful and easy to use. Looking forward to more updates.


  3. Vadim P.


    You can always use the source code to run it. There is no suse package because it seems that the folks in #opensuse don’t deem one necessary (the responses were “it’s just a perl script” and “can’t you just use the source?”).

    So, I pass their advice to you…

  4. linuxuser

    Shutter looks good, too bad I use SuSE and I am unable to install it ­čÖü

  5. Shutter is great, I just discovered it and it everything I needed for years now.


  6. Wim Symons

    Great tool! Best screenshotting tool available for Linux. Thank you Shutter developers.

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