New bugfix release 0.87.1

Shutter 0.87.1 does not add any new features but fixes some annoying bugs.

If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check theĀ downloads page for individual packages. Updates for other distributions will be available soon.


  * Fixed bugs / minor improvements
    -- LP: #657585
       [Shutter ignores typed-in save location]
    -- LP: #695295
       [Section: Encoding problems in non-english version of Shutter]
    -- LP: #697483
       [Initial image in DrawingTool shouldn't be locked by default]
    -- LP: #705094
       [Enter and Escape keys don't work any more]
    -- LP: #705315
       [Shutter failed to take screenshot on seamless mode of virtualbox]
    -- LP: #708753
       [Tab closing crashes in some circumstances]
    -- LP: #723075
       [Error while opening image 'sel_window_list.svg']
    -- LP: #730883
       [Profiles doesn't save some information]
    -- LP: #731495
       [Uploading to ImageShack broken]
  * updated translations


Enjoy this release!