Upload your screenshots to Flickr

There were several requests for integrating a flickr upload to GScrot in the last weeks.

Well, why should we reinvent the wheel when there already are pretty good solutions to do such a thing? An application I like very much is Postr by Ross Burton (http://burtonini.com/blog/computers/postr).

It is very easy to use and integrates well in the Gnome- or XFCE-Desktop. There are just a few steps to integrate postr into GScrot.

The following guidelines suggest you are using the latest version of GScrot and Ubuntu, but except the installation part it is similar when using an alternative distro.
  1. Installation of Postr using apt-get (of course you can use synaptic, aptitude etc. as well)
  2. open a terminal and install Postr using the following command: sudo apt-get install postr

  3. Configure Gscrot (Edit>>Preferences – Advanced>>Open with)

    Choose Flickr Uploader from the list. Activate the checkbox if you want to open your screenshot automatically with Postr after every single capture.

  4. Take screenshot(s) and open them with Postr

    Just use the open button to open your screenshot(s) with the configured application (Postr in this case).

  5. That’s it!

    As you can see all three screenshots were exported to Postr. You can now just use Postr...

Thanks, Ross! Great Application.


  1. Nice to see you gyz are so motivated. Keep up with the good works.

    with best regards,

  2. Romario

    Currently there is no such way. We are going to rewrite the uploading stuff for Shutter 0.88, so maybe there will be something like this in the future:

  3. I have been using Shutter for capturing screenshots and creating tutorials for my websites. I would like to extend the feature of Shutter by adding photobucket the problem is that I am not so much familiar with Perl Programming. You have used Perl for adding the hosting sites for uploads.

    But I am familiar with Python and Java, Is there anyway that I can integrate my Python code to your application and extend the features of Shutter especially the upload hosting sites.

    with best regards,
    Samundra (Nepal)

  4. How I am to add a host the upload mine screenshots (Preferences > Upload main) ?

    • Currently there is no way of adding a new hosting-site manually because the upload funtionality needs to be implemented for every single hosting-site. Maybe this will change in the future.

      Do you have any special hosting-site you would like to see in GScrot?

  5. Thanks. There will hopefully be a photobucket upload as well, but we have currently only one developer ( me 😉 ) and this will definitely take some time.

    Just stay tuned…

  6. Hey awesome tool,well done 🙂 !!!

    one request,is it easy to integrate a photobucket uploader too ???

    thanks 🙂

  7. Great tool!

    Trying to find more plugins, will appreciate an url.


  8. waiting the 0.64!! 😉

  9. Maybe we should add a little dropdown menu to the open button and list all apps there.
    I’ll put it on the list for 0.64 (0.63 will be released in the next days).

  10. The issue here is that you have to edit preferences for “open” button every single time you want to change it.

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