Shutter 0.88 released

This release improves Shutter’s upload mechanism, adds new features and fixes bugs.

Improved Uploading

Due to the rewrite of major parts of the code it was never easier to write an upload plugin for Shutter. Hence we added a bunch of new image hosting services.

List of new upload plugins

New upload plugins

Shutter does also remember the latest uploads now. See how all this works:

Improved Uploading from Mario Kemper on Vimeo.

Improved CLI-Interface

Is is now possible to specify the filename when using Shutter via command line. Here is an excerpt from Shutter’s manual page:

-o, --output=FILENAME
   Specify a filename to save the screenshot to (overwrites any profile-related

   Supported image formats: You can save to any popular image format (e.g. jpeg, png,
   gif, bmp). Additionally it is possible to save to pdf, ps or svg.

   Please note: There are several wildcards available, like

	%Y = year
	%m = month
	%d = day
	%T = time
	$w = width
	$h = height
	$name = multi-purpose (e.g. window title)
	$nb_name = like $name but without blanks in resulting strings
	$profile = name of current profile
	$R = random char (e.g. $RRRR = ag4r)
	%NN = counter

   The string is interpretted by strftime. See "man strftime" for more examples.

   As an example: shutter -f -e -o './%y-%m-%d_$w_$h.png' would create a file named
   '11-10-28_1280_800.png' in the current directory.

Particularly interesting is the possibility to export directly to PDF without any further processing.

Want to develop an upload plugin?

All you need is a) some knowledge of Perl b) this template!

You are a package maintainer?

Shutter used to ship some Perl modules within the release tarball. We removed those custom modules because of security reasons. Please have a look at our list of dependencies to check if your current package does fulfill the needs of the new version. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How to install?

If you’ve subscribed to the Ubuntu repository, you’ll be prompted about an update being available automatically – otherwise, check the downloads page for individual packages. Updates for other distributions will be available soon. Changelog:

  * New Features
    -- Refactored the uploading code (added support for plugins)
    -- Added new upload plugins
    -- Public links are now saved when a screenshot was uploaded
    -- New command line option: specify filename
  * New Upload Plugins
    -- Dropbox
    -- ImageBanana
    -- ImageShack
    -- Imgur
    -- ImmIO
    -- ITmages
    -- Minus
    -- Omploader
    -- ToileLibre
    -- TwitPic
    -- UbuntuPics
  * Fixed bugs / minor improvements
    -- LP: #342622
       [Remember upload links]
    -- LP: #841328
       [black corners if window is selected from the window list]
    -- LP: #888441
       [dialog not clickable when renaming a file]
    -- LP: #889031
       [Package should'nt provide own perl libraries]
    -- LP: #892703
       [After unlinking from Dropbox there is no way to relink it again]
    -- LP: #650701
       [retrieve Public URL if screenshot is already uploaded]
    -- LP: #675911
       [Url not selected when i do single click]
    -- LP: #793462
       [Short URL in]
    -- LP: #870556
       [specify file name on command line]
    -- LP: #374024
       [ as new image hoster]
    -- LP: #486490
       [Feature Request: Upload to imgur]
    -- LP: #489598
       [Wish: Add Twitpic support]
    -- LP: #598818
       [feature request: extensible imagehost/upload tools]
    -- LP: #602209
       [Add integration with Dropbox]
    -- LP: #619748
       [Add thumbnail code to any of the hosting plugins]
    -- LP: #651029
       [Feature Request: Upload to ITmages]
    -- LP: #703299
       [Add upload to]
    -- LP: #785032
       [ uploading support]
    -- LP: #793463
       [More image services to upload]
  * improved support for Gnome-Shell
  * several smaller bugfixes
  * updated translations

Enjoy this release!