How to reanimate disabled features

If you are using the latest Ubuntu (or any other debian-based distribution) you will notice that some features of Shutter are disabled by default.

You need to install two additional packages to enable these features again:

  1. Quit any running instance of Shutter
  2. sudo apt-get install libgoo-canvas-perl gnome-web-photo
  3. Launch Shutter

Why are those features disabled by default?

These packages are optional dependencies (this means that Shutter is able to start but with restricted functionality) and will be suggested to you when you install the Shutter package but the different tools like apt-get, aptitude, synaptic etc. handle suggested packages differently – at least apt-get does not install them automatically.

There are already some bug reports that are related to this issue but please note: This is not a bug in Shutter – it is just the way the official packages are build. Please use our PPA if you don’t want to install the packages manually.