Release of GScrot v0.61 is available!


  * added new feature "include cursor" (default cursor)
  * added as hosting-partner
  * save and restore session automatically (restore tabs/screenshots)
  * improved plugin-dialog and upload-dialog
  * redesigned polaroid plugin
  * fixed wrong utf8-encoding in profile names
  * fixed wrong utf8-encoding in about dialog
  * improved auto incrementing of filenames (see LP: #275352)
  * improved thumbs (session tab)
  * updated translations
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  1. actually, there was no error report, simply frieze the application.
    and I am so happy with this app that I want to contribute. I cant code but maybe I can translate this application to European Portuguese! I need to lean how to do that!
    another suggestion is add some more capabilities to Gscrot especially the ability to take a snapshot of some text displayed, and them apply some OCR engine and return the text to the clipboard. something like Abbyy does:

    “ABBYY Screenshot Reader is an easy-to-use utility that lets you quickly capture screen images and allows you to perform “instant” OCR from the screen. It is ideal for pulling text, tables, or images from Web browser pages, flash presentations, Windows Explorer file menus, or error messages. Screenshot Reader is also an ideal “quick OCR” tool when you want to pull small quotes or a few sentences of text from a PDF or image file.”

    that wold be very, very amazing!!!!!!

  2. I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Even when I set the directory to ~/Desktop.
    If this problem still exists please provide some debug information by executing gscrot in a terminal:

    gscrot –debug > gscrot.debug

    If it is reproducible please file a bug at and attach the gscrot.debug file.

  3. I had the same problem. but only when I set the folder /desktop as default. so I changed that to /home/pictures the problem was solved.

  4. I think the Polaroid plugin broke. It gives a weird tiny dialog that has no picture in it

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