Under heavy development

Currently GScrot is under heavy development as we are working on the new version with some exciting features.

First of all there will be a little bit of GUI redesign so GScrot will behave a lot better when scaling the main window (currently it has a fixed size). There will also be some new menu entries to navigate easily, using shortcuts, from one screenshot in your session to another.

The biggest part of development is the new plugin interface. In future we will be able to add new plugins effectively and plugins can use the whole power of gtk, perl and imagemagick. We are planning to deliver some new plugins (e.g. resizing) as well in the next release.

Additionally it will be possible to capture a section of a specified window, e.g. a button or a label. This can be really usefull when taking screenshots for a manual or an instruction.

So, stay tuned….

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  1. Sounds great, can’t wait.

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