Next Step: Improve the Drawing Tool

Since first release of GScrot there were a lot of requests targeting the embedded drawing tool.

First of all, yes we are going to improve it in the next versions. Currently we are using the GnomeCanvas and there are some limitations
(e.g. no dashed lines, no save to pixbuf function) that lead us to make a decision about choosing a new Canvas to build our improved DrawingTool.
At the moment i am experimenting with GooCanvas and i am looking forward and it seems to be a good drop-in replacement with all the needed features.

Here are some features we are planning to implement (feedback is welcome):
- add primitives like rectangles etc.
- add text
- keep transparency when saving the picture
- resize pictures
- move objects
- delete objects
- add arbitrary objects
- add something like a marker to highlight some text
So, that’s it for now. What do you think?


By the way there will be a maintenance release in the next few days that fixes some minor bugs.

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