Shutter as default

To configure Shutter as the default tool to take screenshots with when you press PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc, here’s what you need to do:

gnome unity
  1. Go to System Settings ▸ Keyboard
    Gnome/Unity - System Settings

    Gnome/Unity – System Settings

  2. Switch to the Shortcut tab and add a new custom shortcut
    Gnome/Unity - Add new custom shortcut

    Gnome/Unity – Add new custom shortcut

  3. Enter a Name (e.g. Shutter) and a Command (e.g. shutter -f)

    Gnome/Unity - Enter command

    Gnome/Unity – Enter command

  4. Click the new row and hold down the new keys in order to add/edit the accelerator

    Gnome/Unity - Edit accelerator

    Gnome/Unity – Edit accelerator

  5. That’s it! Now the usual PrtSc keybinding will use Shutter to take the screenshots.


  1. Go to System SettingsShortcuts and Gestures

    KDE - System settings

    KDE – System settings

  2. Create a new global shortcut (right-mouse click) and select Command/URL

    KDE - Add new custom shortcut

    KDE – Add new custom shortcut

  3. You can now edit the associated Action

    KDE - Edit command

    KDE – Edit command

  4. … and Trigger

    KDE - Edit shortcut

    KDE – Edit shortcut

  5. That’s it!


  1. Go to SettingsKeyboard

    Xfce - Keyboard settings

    Xfce – Keyboard settings

  2. Click on the Add-Button to create a new shortcut

    Xfce - Add new shortcut

    Xfce – Add new shortcut

  3. Enter a command in the next dialogue (e.g. shutter -f)

    Xfce - Enter command

    Xfce – Enter command

  4. Click the new row and hold down the new keys in order to add/edit the shortcut. That’s it.


  1. LXDE does not provide any GUI to manage global shortcuts yet. Please see the instructions here.


  1. if the program is already running
    then does not work shortcut key (shutter -a)

    ~$ shutter -a
    (shutter:10462): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying

    INFO: There is already another instance of Shutter running!

  2. alfio-it

    type “shutter –help” in a terminal

  3. The best print software of the world. thanks for change my life.

  4. PcSi-L

    Hi, on LXDE, you can use LXSession. On application launcher, screenshot manager, replace scrot by shutter –full.

  5. I had one problem, it will not use my profile with shutter -f -e –profile=joels. Shouldn’t this work?

    I tried also shutter -f -e -p=joels

    I can confirm that my profile is named “joels” on Xubuntu 16.04 version 0.93.1.

    • Btw, EXCELLENT app, folks. I really like this program. A lot of insanely good features too. Please keep up the good work!

  6. zenfnord

    So, yeah, I do that, but it still takes 2 seconds to take a screenshot even with -d 0, and if I dare hit the key while shutter is open, it shuts it down and reopens it, adding even more delay.


  7. command “shutter -s” I know what to do.but where is the other “Minus list”?


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