Release of GScrot v0.63 is available!

Download (PPA):
Download (direct): /?page_id=17

* added new "advanced" selection-tool
(see LP: #273763, depends on Gtk2::ImageView)
* added new keybinding-mode option
* ported to Gtk2::StatusIcon
(Gtk2::TrayIcon supported for older Gtk2 Versions)
* faster plugin checks
* minor changes (human interface guidelines)
* fixed (LP: #286632, LP: #293091, LP: #291753, LP: #293616)
* updated translations
* code cleanup


  1. Thank you for your bug reports, Edwood. I’ll comment on them later after some testing.

    There aren’t any additional plugins available yet, because the project is pretty young. Maybe we should add a plugin section to the homepage where we can offer plugins, you are right.
    I’ll even try to write a little tutorial of writing plugins but i am quite busy at the moment.
    Would you please send me your plugin so i can put it on the homepage when everything is set up?


  2. Hi!

    On Xubuntu Intrepid:

    1. new 0.63 version did not recognized sessions created with 0.62.
    2. after ‘ENTER’ is pressed for a selected region capture, the captured image does not show in gscrot window and it does not allows to upload it from the filesystem using ‘File > Open’

    I tried to post this in Launchpad ‘Bugs’ section but I did not find how.

    I also created a new bash-plugin based on torned paper example in

    A contributed plugin section would be good for users.

    Thank you.

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