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  1. Where is the screenshot ?

  2. tginfos

    nice tools.
    the only thing missing is a ‘capture scrolling windows’ tool

  3. Hi,
    I think you app is amazing.
    I was googling for a screenshot tool for windows, found one review but tools there didn’t match my requirements. Next position in google was your tool, I would really love it on windows.

    Any plans for windows port?

  4. José Miguel

    Greetings, good people! You just saved my life. Since I installed Debian Wheezy with Xfce (without Gnome, just like previous installations) I lost my ImprPant button functionality. And now I got screen captures again, and much more…! Heil, Shutter!

  5. this is a fantastic tool.

    Even though Gnome has a shortcut for screen grab, it does not beat Shutter.

    Good work guys. Keep it up.

  6. Thank for Shutter, i can create screenshot for tutorial so fast. I’ve create review about Shutter using Bahasa Language. Please visit link above for read my short review about shutter.

  7. Wow, it’s so interesting. The best? On Linux? Yes I think Shutter can be! It has many talent, and so useful. I will try to use, for making some tutorials.

    Thanks for all the Shutter’s developer. Regards for you all!


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