1. David Dyess

    The drawing tool doesn’t show up in Shutter!. Is there something extra I should do? I need this function badly.

    • David Dyess

      I just had to reboot after installing ibgoo-canvas-perl. I needed it to show Amazon what was defected in a product. This done the trick.

  2. The drawing tool needs the dependency libgoo-canvas-perl installed. Take a look at the dependencies section on http://shutter-project.org/downloads/dependencies/

    • Hello new linux user (Manajro Xfce) here: i’d love the edit function but i can’t find this libgoo-canvas-perl pack in AUR rep…. there are plenty perl packs but nothing named close to it. Has it changed name?

      • Nevermind it’s called “perl-goo-canvas” sorry but totally noob here (using linux since 3 days)

  3. Hello, I was unable to find a way to use built-in editor for this program, so could you please update information (is this editor still exist?)?

    • Hi,

      Yes it exists. It take me few minutes to find where this append. In fact, you have just have to click on the pencil icon in the toolbar.

      So this software is great !

  4. Reikred

    I need some help with the selection tool.

    Background: I recently started using the drawing tool to add annotations to some screenshots I made. For example, I added some text and an arrow. Now I would like to select the text and edit it. Here’s the problem: I enable the selection tool and then try to sweep a rectangle around the text object with the mouse1 button. I expect the object to get selected. Instead mouse selects the whole image and moves it.

    How am I supposed to do this? Thanks, I enjoy the tool.

  5. good tool. Thank/s for sharing

  6. Excellent tool!


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