Well, Shutter at its best: grabbing screenshots 😉

There are even more Screenshots available showcasing the different features of Shutter:


  1. hey, guys. thx a lot for the tool. helps my job a lot recently. kudos for well-tought func() and UI.

  2. Romario

    This function was dropped due to major GUI changes. Milestone 0.85 is targeting a lot of usability improvements:

    It would be the right place and time to bring the function back in place if users want this.
    Maybe we should start a poll for this?

  3. Vadim P.


    You can’t yet, but we’ll add it back with a customizable toolbar:

  4. how can i put the plugin menu on the toolbar or tab bar.
    i remember it had the function in gscort!

  5. Whats with all the “screenshots” of flowers?

  6. It seems great, can you tell me what is the GTK theme 😉

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