Upload to Flickr

Quick way

To get Shutter to upload to Flickr, you can install a program called Postr by Ross Burton – and then just use ScreenshotOpen with to upload!


  1. Install postr
  2. Use ScreenshotOpen with and select Flickr Uploader


    Select Flickr Uploader from the dropdown list.

  3. That’s it!

    As you can see all three screenshots were exported to Postr. You can now just use Postr to upload.


  1. The instructions are right here on this page.

    Are you doing this in Ubuntu and it’s not working as intended?

  2. um, why doesn’t someone post Ubuntu instructions and I’ll do it on Fedora? Applications are all basically the same. I use both distros and I’ve never had a problem converting instructions except for very deep programs such as GNOME or X. Installation/version # is the only difference and I can handle that either place. I assure you that if someone gave Ubuntu instructions for adding things to send to, I could make it happen in Fedora. Probably some conf file. I’ll post if I ever care to figure it out, which I probably won’t.

    NOTE: This question has nothing to do with postr. If I wanted to add foo or bar or programX to that list, it would be the same question.

  3. Unfortunately it does, every distro does things “their own way” and it’s not feasible to test every single one of them for us to see which way is it on that specific distro. Should the user would like to use it, and finds a way to make it work on that OS, we wouldn’t mind adding the instructions here.

    postr is a third-party application and is thus outside of our domain.

  4. @Romario No. I am using Fedora, but should it matter? Shouldn’t there be generic instructions for adding a new application to which you’d like to send files?

  5. @Doug Whitfield
    Are you using ubuntu? Did you download the version mentioned above or installed it via package manager?

  6. I have postr installed, but it doesn’t show up in shutter. Are there instructions on how to make it show up?

  7. Thanks for that. Really, really helpful !

  8. krazybuntu

    This is the most useful application that i have on Linux right now ! ! !


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